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Piano Roll Midi note view in Real Time - 10.3.2


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I've recently upgraded to 10.3.2 from 10.3 and there's a feature missing that is pretty crucial to how I use Logic. I'm hoping it's just some setting I'm not aware of that was not in the default 10.3.2 setup.


In previous versions I was able to see the midi notes I was playing in real time in the piano roll. I could hit record and watch all my midi notes appear in the piano roll as I played.


Now in 10.3.2, when I hit record while watching the Piano Roll, the red cursor moves but it doesn't show the midi notes until I stop the recording. I still hear what I'm playing and all the midi notes show up as soon the recording stops.


Anyone know if there's a way to turn this feature back on, or did they just do away with that completely...? Thanks

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