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stuck at version 10.2.1, cannot use logic remote


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I am stuck on version 10.2.1. I no longer see any available updates for logic in the app store. This is an issue for me since I rely heavily on logic remote (which updated automatically to the newest version and is no longer compatible with LPX 10.2.1). 


Is this because my computer cannot update OSX any further? I am stuck at macOS Sierra 10.12.6 because of the age of my computer I guess. Or is it that for some reason I need to buy the newest version of LPX (I do see this option in the app store, but I thought having bought the once was all I'd need to do). Or something else entirely?


Thanks for your help.


iMac (mid 2010, 16 GB ram, 3.06 GHz Intel Core i3)

apogee duet for mac and iPad

lots of other gear that doesn't seem relevant here

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Eric was right. I needed to delete and reinstall. But before I went ahead I wanted to understand the error so I spoke with the apple pro app department. They explained that for some unknown reason people who install Logic (rather than buying a computer with it pre-installed) sometimes find that they no longer see updates in the 'updates' section of the app store, and instead only see the option to install the app under the 'purchased' section of the app store. This was weird because for many years I've seen the updates in the updates section of the store. Not sure what changed but at least the problem was solved. 


Thanks again Eric. 

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