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give all measures the same width


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Hey guys, 


I am new here on this forum.


In order to make pages with one bar exercises for my students,

I am trying to make a score with two columns. It kind of works out, but some of these grooves need more spacing in the measure.

This gives a weird effect.


Does anybody know if there is a possibility to make every measure have exactly the same width?



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There are a couple ways to achieve even spacing in Logic. But for this let's capitalize on the fact Logic wants to keep and maintain the spacing of different instruments/tracks as opposed to trying to create a long single drum track and formatting the page based one track.


For this example you want to create a different track/instrument for each line/staff you want see in the score. Logic will naturally keep these lined up.

create a score set which uses these instruments/tracks

Create a space in the arrange window between  those measures where you want columns 

and in layout->global format disable "fill in gaps" -  ( this is what will actually create the space in the score based on the gap in the arrange window.


As you can see below.... the columns are nicely aligned.....







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