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how can I tell if a track has been phase inverted

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I am trying to isolate vocals from a stereo mix .

I am trying to use the method of phase cancellation .

I have a stereo track stem with everything but the vocals

and I have a stereo track stem which includes the vocals

but somewhere , somehow I have lost the stem that was vocals only .


but the phase cancellation method isn't working .

I think it's because I may have already reversed the phase on one or both of these stems ...

so my question is how can i tell if a track is in phase or out of phase ...

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there is a plugin by Waves called IN Phase. it allows you to phase shift 1 side of a stereo mix, phase align overheads on drums, etc.


i got it for $29 in the sale. might sort out your problem.


another option is to take the stereo mix, and export it as 2 mono files.

then you can do what you like, independently, to each side.


analogue desks have phase flip button (on good ones)



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