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possible articulation set bug in Scripter?


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I am trying to work with Scripter to do some advanced processing of articulationID. When no articulation set is enabled, then the assigned articulationID numbers show up in Scripter and can be used to drive processing. However, if an articulation set is active, then LPX apparantly changes the articulationID to zero before the event reaches the Scripter plugin.


This seems like a bug to me, well it certainly limits the ability to use articulation sets and attempt to do advanced processing in scripter, since the articulation set feature is a bit simplistic.


Does anyone have any ideas about this?

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Yes I am using output key switches also. Perhaps that is where LPX is clearing the articulation id.


  1. create midi region with notes
  2. choose an articulation set or make one
  3. articulation set has output keyswitches assigned also
  4. monitor articulationID in scripter while playing, it will be cleared
  5. set the articulation set to “none”
  6. monitor articulationID in scripter and you will see the correct articulation number


I haven’t tried disabling the output keyswitch yet it’s possible that is the step where LPX is rather unfortunately clearing the articulation Id from getting to scripter

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Where does the articulation set feature say the word “convert”? Sorry that would not be my assumption that art id should be converted to a keyswitch and removed from the event. If that is the design they should make it clear. It’s a poor design choice also if so.


It’s WAY more convenient to maintain key switches in the articulation set then to bypass them there and hard code them into scripter just because I need to have scripter do additional things based on art id.


I hear what you’re saying as a work around, but sorry to hear this is necessary. That work around pretty much negates the entire purpose of the articulation set feature.

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