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Selection-based Processing inside folder asking to unfreeze?


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This one is weird one.


I'm trying Selection Based Processing on a few regions. When I try to add a plug-in, LPX tells me the track is frozen (but it is NOT) and asks me to unfreeze. Sometimes it won't let me work at all - just keeps popping up with the Frozen warning. Sometimes after 10 clicks, it lets me add a plugin. Wondering if it's some sort of project corruption, but it happens on LOTS of projects. Others behave normally.


Anyone else?

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All your regions inside the folder look like they are muted.

What happens if you flatten the folder?



THANKS ERIC. Sadly, the muting/unmuting makes no difference. Also, has nothing to do with the folder. I tried them without the folder. Looks like some corruption - unfortunately I have HUNDREDS of these for work, all based on the same template - so they're all wonky. :(

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You can attach one of the projects here and I'll take a quick look if I can find a way to fix this.


That's extremely generous of you. Here it is... If you follow the video, you'll see SBP works on some tracks, not others, until I erase the track without audio, then it woks everywhere... WEIRD. (I'll kick myself if I'm missing something obvious.JFM Old Man SBP Bug.zip

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