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Hide Individual Stack Aux Tracks in the Mixer?


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Hi all,


I'm having a small issue and can't seem to find a solution. I have a few multi-out instruments broken down in a stack, we'll use d16's Drumazon as an example. So, I have a Drumazon stack with each voice (Kick, Snare, Clap, etc...) as it's own stack aux. If, say, I only use a kick and closed hat, I'll hide the rest of the voices in the arrangement view. The problem I'm having is that this does not hide them in the mixer view. Is this possible or just something that, oddly, can't be done? I do have the "Follow Hide" option selected.


Thanks ahead for the support!

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In Mixer Either under edit, options or view there is an option to hide objects hidden in arrange window


I think you're referring to the "Follow Hide" function, which I mentioned I had checked. If I hide any of the tracks within a stack, it just moves them to the end of the stack in the mixer rather than hide them.

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