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New Feature Requests


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Feature Requests:


Ghost Notes & Scale Highlighting (Similar To FL)

Alternate Mixer Metering (K-14, K-20, Etc)

Better Time Stretching & Pitch Algorithms (Similar To FL)

Faster Sound Browser/Drum Loading Options (Similar To FL)

Accurate Key Detection Features (Similar To Key Finder App or Mixed In Key App)

More Color Options For Regions

Support For 32 Bit Sound Files

Mono Track Export

Stem Export with Effects

Step Sequencer with Swing Functions

Parametric EQ (Similar To Abletunes - EQ Wise +)


Additional Notes:


Adding ghost note channels and scale highlighting options would really upgrade the scale quantize feature. It would really aid producers and songwriters in learning music theory while composing within LPX. In Studio One, when using the scale quantize feature it places light blue dots onto the on screen keyboard icon to show which notes are in each particular scale to help the user stay in key. In FL Studio, when choosing a specific song key the highlighted grid colors change according to the selected key. Light grey grid lanes appear for the notes that are in that particular scale. Darker grey grid lanes appear for the notes that aren't in that particular scale.

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You’ll have to specify your requests in a bit better detail.


When you say better time stretching algorithms, what specifically are you looking for? I find that the built in ones can do just about any task quite well aside from perhaps extreme creative effects like something such as paulstretch.


Key detection through MIDI? Sidechain? Audio?


32 bit support as in using those files in DAW without conversion?


And logic has quite a few parametric was built in, as well as there being some included in the “AU” effects.



My intent with pickiness is that these are vague suggestions without promoting more concrete uses or features, and some of what you are asking for has already been requested in other forum posts.

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