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Articulation Set Score Markings

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Yes and as you can see the choice is limited and missing some fairly standard ones. I think the assets for these are buried inside the app in a resource file that is not editable.


Just seems strange to introduce a feature and not fully implement it.


From the list looks like this was created for the Brass as never heard strings play Doits or Scoops!

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"Two different things."


Yes, they are, but I will tell you what they have in common, and it will explain why some symbols have been omitted.


The symbols that appear in the Art ID selection can be attached to notes. The symbols you seek -- tremolo and trills, for example -- cannot be attached to notes. In fact, it has been a long-standing request of Score denizens on LPH to have attachable tremolo slashes to note stems, and intelligent ones too, so that they will follow stem height and direction.


But, as we have all learned with regret, tremolo slashes are graphic symbols whose alignment with stems is a coincidence, Event List Kismet, Horizontal Happenstance. Neither knows the other is there. Anyone who has transposed a thirty-two bar passage of slashed tremolo notes has learned this the hard way. And copy/pasting said notes from treble violins to alto violas has great comic value, with tremolo slashes suddenly suspended in the air.


This contrasts to note accents like staccato, for example, where the dots move with the notes when the notes are adjusted. Hey, staccato dots even move for another accent like a marcato wedge. Punchline: this is the class of symbol represented in the Art ID selection, not the free-form graphics.


I can say in the programmers' defense that, to do it right, Logic would need to understand the length of each note and the condition of the flag / beam to pick the better slash symbol for unmeasured tremolo. You don't want to see three slashes on a flagged sixteenth. So it's not a simple matter... though I don't imagine Smart Tempo was all that easy either.

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Plowman, I stand corrected over some of those "missing" articulations. However what about:



Sul Ponticello

Sul Tasto

Con Sordino

Portato (actually Tenuto can replace this I think)

Glissando or Portamento


Flageolet (also known as Flautando)


Bartok (also know as Snap Pizzicato)


For reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_musical_symbols


Im no score expert and maybe some are not possible, but I know some are even if its not a symbol per se but a score footnote by the start of a passage?

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Yes, and frankly I would be happy with at least having a wider range of symbols attached to notes that we could then manually extend with "painted on" graphics. I'm making due with what we have, you can tell the performer that say my tenuto mark means a tremolo, sorry it's all I have, but it would be really nice to have a wider choice. I've searched for where those glyphs are defined in the resources with an eye to adding more, but so far no luck. Anybody deeper into hacking the resources?


Another issue I'm running into is that a MIDI track recorded with Articulation IDs, but before the symbol mapping is defined in the articulation set, end up with no symbols on the score at all. Anybody know a way to force regenerating the score once you map the symbols? This could allow retrofitting previously recorded tracks.

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"I stand corrected...." Well, I wasn't disagreeing with you. I was just trying to explain the absence of some of the score symbols we'd like to see as choices in Articulation ID. (It is agreed that all we seek can be found in Score for manual inserts.)


"...a score footnote by the start of a passage."


Yes, some items on your list are performance directives and not symbols: sul ponticello, sul tasto, con sord., and flautando.


Indeed, portato is most often written as lines over notes that are also slurred, so tenuto marks can be used. But Logic Art ID will not put slurs over anything. Legatos must be entered with a key command (pending the 10.4 bug fix) or manually. (see below)


Flageolets and harmonics (little circles) are available as symbols in Art ID. (Flautando and flageolet are not the same.)


It is surprising that snap pizz. is not available in Art ID's symbol list, as it deserves to be attached to notes and should not be hard to code as an option. The symbol can be found in Score. This is the one addition we're most likely to see.


Sfz, like all dynamic symbols, is a "non-note-attachable" symbol.


Gliss and portamento, like legato, involve two or more notes. I don't think Art ID is conceptualized to deal with more than one note at a time. It'll attach a symbol *per note,* and that's it. It would be cool to see Logic gauge note overlaps in Piano Roll and assign legato slurs accordingly... but that's how Score people think, and Logic's head just isn't there.


We are left only with detache from your list, which -- strictly speaking -- is no symbol at all, only the absence of legato. The term usually means a separate bowing which is not quite emphatic enough to merit a symbol like staccato, marcato, etc. But detache too, if emphasis is needed, is written into the score, particularly in passages that look to the eye like notes should be grouped by the bow. It's also a composer's way of saying, "No, I didn't forget to draw the legato."

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Yes, and frankly I would be happy with at least having a wider range of symbols attached to notes that we could then manually extend with "painted on" graphics.


would you mind explaining what you mean by extend with painted on graphics......


also - could you provide one or two examples of symbols that you are unable to insert into a score - ( so that I may offer a solution if one exists )


lastly - Steve - very impressive your musical theory knowledge on the subject.

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Anybody know a way to force regenerating the score once you map the symbols? This could allow retrofitting previously recorded tracks.


Yes after you make a change you have to select all the notes in the score that uses that articulation id, turn it off and then back on to the same number previously - this will then take on the newly changed score symbol as currently defined by the articulation set editor

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At the very least I'd like to see trills added to the palette as tr by itself, and with b and # varieties available as well. Of course the b and # trills might end up being misplaced in various situations, but I think they'd be more useful than many of the symbols provided such as fermatas, which are all but useless.


On tremolo markings, my thinking is that if there are built-in rules for how far above a notehead a dot should appear, I don't see why it should be too hard for the programmers to figure out how far along a stem OR above a notehead they should be placed.


BTW, the "+" sign is useful for indicating "mute" for horns.


Another useful addition would be plain text... arco, pizzicato, legato, etc. Of course, the program would have to be smart enough to only indicate these on the fist instance of a note playing one of those articulations, but that doesn't seem like such a stretch.

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Very useful and fascinating thread - thanks contributors which even elicited a rare ( no offense) appearance from Grandmaster Ski for his 16500th post ... I hope you will forgive a slight deviation on the OP's question:


In terms of time saving, would not 'Intelligent Slurs' be a most universally useful Score Editor feature: select the first and last note of a group and drag and drop a slur or phrase marking that automatically adjusts to the contour, and also then phrases the notes to sound correct?

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