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Lost my USB MIDI controllers (Sierra 10.12.6)


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I sure hope that the experts can help me, this one has me thoroughly confused.


I was messing with a project in LPX 10.4, and I noticed that my Arturia 32 note controller (which is plugged directly into my iMac) was not working. If I used the onscreen keyboard I got output, but nothing when I pressed the keys on the Arturia. I opened up MIDI Monitor and noticed that none of my USB controllers were listed.


I next checked Audio/MIDI Setup, and while my USB controllers were there, they were all grayed out. I hit the Rescan button, no change. So I made a new configuration named "Test", all my USB keyboards showed up, nothing was grayed out! I re-opened MIDI Monitor and they were all listed there as well. However, nothing registered in MIDI Monitor when I pressed the keys on any of my controllers.


I went back to Audio/MIDI Setup and clicked back on my default configuration. No change. I clicked on my test configuration and all of my USB controllers were grayed out again. I hit Rescan, no change. Created a Test2 config and everything was there. But if I go back to any prior configuration, it messes up the newest configuration. And of course there is no output when I try to use any of these controllers. So I created Test3 and that's where it sits right now. Everything shows up, nothing is grayed out... and nothing works.


Any thoughts / ideas / suggestions?

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Thing is, I know that at least one of the controllers was working the other day, because I was trying out the Mellotron in 10.4. So it worked, then it didn’t. I did change to a new hub, but I have one of my controllers plugged directly into my iMac, so a hub shouldn’t affect that one. None of them work. The only other thing that I can think of is that I reset the NVRAM, but how that would affect MIDI baffles me.
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I usually have to restart Logic to get midi back. It works for awhile and without any warning it just quits. I've been in Sierra for well over a month, this behavior just started about a week and a half ago. The only thing that has changed is I installed the new version of Logic.
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I haven't been able to do anything in the studio for the past 4 days. I had ordered a new MIDI cable to use between my Arturia controller and a new Behringer Model D. I turned off the Arturia and plugged in the new cable, turned it on and tested the Model D. Success! Then I noticed that MIDI Monitor was now showing output from the Arturia. I fired up LPX and it all works just fine.


I have zero idea as to why it now works... but it works!

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