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logic arrange window + audio bin


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Hi there

sorry if this is dumb question but somehow i can get this to work and i thought in Logic pro 9 this just worked flawlessly .

so here it is :when i select audio file in arrange windows and audio bin is open i thought that my selected file in arrange window will present associate it self in audio bin automatically but it is not the case i have to manually search for it i do have feeling that in Logic 9 i was able just to select audio in arrange window and it automatically pop up as selected audio in audio bin .if not is there a way to link them this way thanks and sorry if this is totally out of this plane.

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Hi David

first thanks for swift reply , sometimes i think you must be robot by the amount or replays/discussion you have on this forum ;-))ok back to the problem sure i thought so, this should be the factory setting but not ,if i do select audio in arrange windows the side bar in audio bin window move little like 0.5mm or so but no audio is selected in audio bin the same is other way around,actually i just try to undock audio bin and find one specific identical audio in arrange window and bin did try to select in the bin to see and make sure 100 percent it is misbehaving and Logic just got stucked little rainbow dot is turning logic is not responding so something somewhere is not ok .Thanks would be cool if i can solve this mystery.

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If I’m making a track in C and change to F or G, does the loop follow or do I need to do something?

The loop can be transposed with the Region parameters in the Region inspector (feel free to cut the loop in two if you want only a section of the loop to be transposed), or it can follow the Transposition global track (and in that case there's no need to cut the region should a Transpose event occur mid-loop.

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