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Logic 10.4.0 Plugin Presets Missing

Go to solution Solved by Eric Cardenas,

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Have you tried downloading any missing content from Logic Pro X > Sound Library...?


hi I am busy doing that now, BUT for some reason it is downloading 50GB. I'm pretty sure I don't have 50GB of samples and data missing so not sure what the outcome will be when it's finished downloading or what I should do?


Would someone be so kind to post a link for the most up-to-date plug-in settings installer?

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Choose Logic Pro X > Sound Library > Download Essential Sounds.

This should take care of the Presets problem.


Thank you very much Eric :) that did the trick.

I have now downloaded around 15GB of samples of which I probably already had, do you know where those are downloaded to, and how i can make sure I don't have duplicate samples?

Space is limited on my HD so would prefer to avoid 15GB of files I already have.

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I have the same issue of missing plugin presets.

I tried the suggested solution of "Download Essential Sounds".

However, that solution did not bring back my presets.

Is there another option for bringing back the plugin presets?


If it is any help, I still have Logic 9 up and running.

If I open a plugin in in L9, I see the presets.

However, I cannot figure out where they are stored on my hard drive.

If it came to it, I would be willing to copy them into each of the LX folders on my hard drive.

Does anyone know where L9 presets are stored on my internal hard drive?


Thank you in advance for any information.


Logic Pro X 10.4.4 Mac OSX 10.12.6 MacBook Pro 2.9 GHz Intel Core i7 16GB RAM

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