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EXS and other instrument plug-ins output question


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Hello guys


Is there such a thing as an optimization of the output volume of an instrument plug-in as EXS ? I can see that many factory instruments have their output volumes at -15 dB for instance. I have no idea if I should put this to 0 dB (keeping an eye on the track mixer for no overload to occur pre-effect) or if I should adjust the volume in the first effect plug I use. I have no idea either if this optimization thing is still relevant in an all software environment. Does it make any difference optimizing the input level on the input track, in and out of plugs, on mixing or not at all... I'm talking about MIDI here but I know that some say that even in audio, this "maximum input level" thing is a joke.


Thank you.

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Logic's audio engine is working in 64-bit floating point and many plug-ins use 32-bit fp.

The output of a software instrument is mostly for convenience.

The volume in EXS is often set differently depending on what kind of sample and instrument it is.

An instrument set to legato or mono mode can preferably use a higher gain value that an instrument which is used to play chords.

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Thank you Eric. But regarding a chain of effect plugs, should optimization be applied at every stage of the chain or does your first sentence answer this question (negatively) ? Can I just diregard this problem as long as there's no overload anywhere in the chain ?
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