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scoring to picture: fusiondrive?

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Hi there,


I will have to buy a new computer in the next weeks. I worked with a quadcore macmini for 7 years without problems now, but troubles are piling up a bit. Especially when it comes down to video. It only works well if I put the video on the systemdrive. External 7200 drives USB2 do not work, be it the same one the project is on, or a dedicated video drive. It stutters and crackles.

So when I buy a new one, I am hesitating if a ssd is worth the money? Or is fusiondrive as good or even better? I wonder why they use 5400 for fusiondrive by the way....

So how are your experiences with fusiondrive?

And should the video run on that ssd? I don't want to do that manually each time for a project and then delete the video at the end of the project because otherwise the ssd is full in no time. Or do you do it in a completely other way?



Tell me, I love to learn.



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So when I buy a new one, I am hesitating if a ssd is worth the money?


An SSD is the way to go if you have the money, and they are worth the money. Most models aren't as expensive as they were 5 years ago. USB2 is slow. Connect your drive(s) either via Thunderbolt, USB3 or Firewire 800.

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