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What is the deal with Logic X 10.3/4 crashing all the time, clean install 2 different OSX versions


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Just wondering….

Am I the only one that can’t keep Logic up and running for more that 15 minutes average?

I get so many random crashes it is starting to get funny… (almost) Did manage to finish 2 songs, but I’m honestly starting to look elsewhere


This is on a clean install (Capitan and High Sierra Logic 10.3/4).


Did a Rember memory check and everything was fine? Graphics Card? Logitech Mouse?


I'm kind of at my wit's end right now….and reluctant to start a new project in Logic

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...not sure what you mean...so, couple of questions...

1/...some details about the type/etc of "crashes," when/where...

2/..."Capitan and High Sierra Logic 10.3/4)" = ?...could'nt follow that one...

3/...track and plugin count, only native? 3rd.party? etc.?

4/...any other background tasks runnning/etc...


...fwiw, I'm on this rig seven days a week, 6 to 10 hrs at a stretch, in the later stages of any one project I resort to "bouncing" and "freezing" or the system "chokes," and in the last six years I've had maybe a handful of "crash to reboot" events...hope we can help.../s~

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Hi Steve, thanks for your answer.


1 Crashes are totally random…Sometimes Logic is not responding any more (a moment ago editing automation) Sometimes crashes to the desktop.


2 Logic 10.3 on Capitan and 10.4 on High Sierra (both clean install)


3 Sometimes crashes on an empty project (inserting loops) I use mostly projects with folders and nested track stacks. Use legit 3rd party plugins, but no pattern emerging to what plugin where.


5 I close as many background tasks as possible (UAD console is running, Alfred, Snaptool and Popclip)

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...well, sounds like you've started "debugging," so...my approach would go something like this...

1/...assuming the problem occurs equally/randomly on both os/lpx setups, choose one to focus on for now (the other is in reserve for later testing)

2/...start removing elements from the configuration until the "crashes" (probably) no longer occur...yes, random is a bitch, but what was the other choice; at least you've "all the time" going for you. And by "removing" I am not suggesting "turning them off," I really mean "remove/kill/gone."

3/...After getting to "crashes" (probably) no longer occur," Start a new/fresh project, and begin re-importing your tracks/stems/midi/etc to recreate the original project...

4/...yes, this is messy...but given the number of possible variables and interaction-vectors you've got to start somewhere...and always google.google.google...

...good luck...hth.../s~



(ps.35 yrs of software/os engineering)

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As you're on El Cap and High Sierra, does that mean you are getting this on two separate machines? Or are you somehow dual booting into the same machine?


And if they are clean installs, did you do any kind of migrating at al to bring Logic onboardl? I ask as this will bring through previous machine settings and any problems which could be the cause of your crashing could be carried across.


How does your system run outside of Logic? Do you use it for any other purpose for a similar period of time, and has it been ok? i.e. any beach balling etc.?


If it's related only to Logic then it could be a heat issue, or audio driver if it crashes at random.

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@Steve I could give the debug route a try, no non essential background processes and no plugins. Start a clean new project from there…If that goes well, add the usual suspects…


@skijumptoes It is a dual boot configuration on the same machine, no settings imported. Outside of logic everything is running fine… Reaper/StudioOne and the usual applications. Audio driver is Universal Audio Thunderbolt…


@fisherking New project … If Logic starts crashing I could switch to internal audio, but afaik the UAD driver has a good reputation… Other DAW’s should also be crashing if it was the driver?



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