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working with cymbals and regions in drummer


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I have just started learning drummer. I have 2 regions. In the first region I want to have cymbals "on" in smart controls. In the 2nd region I want to have cymbals "off" in smart control? Is this possible? I copied and pasted the 1st region to create the 2nd one. They seem to be "linked." If I turn off the cymbals in one region, it goes off in the other. Is there a better way to do this? Thanks.


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I believe you are using Smart Controls right?

You can use automation to mute cymbals if you want.


If you are using the Drummer editor you can choose the different instruments being played. This is on a region basis.

If you don't want any cymbals played at all you need to make sure you don't have a fill building up to the region start. i.e remove the fill prior to that region. (if you want you can insert small 2 beat region before the actual one and turn off fills.)

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