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8 in audio interface


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Thinking about getting an audio interface for road recording (8 mic pre plus evtl adat) for a Mac Book pro. Apogee Ensemble has Direct Monitoring support with Logic Pro X.

Can someone advice a cheaper alternative with the Direct Monitoring feature ? Can the Apogee Element also do it?

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Yes. That's what's being advertised. I'm just not sure that it really works perfectly in practice.


Disclaimer: I have not used this system and I'm just trying to understand how it works.

As far as I can perceive from the description, it's basically controlling the level of the Apogee monitoring (Element Control) while muting software monitoring for that track in Logic. This to me is a no-no when recording with latent plug-ins on routing channel strips, as your recordings will get misplaced in time.

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Does Element support Logic’s new Audio Device controls? Yes, perfectly. While you can use the Essentials window quite nicely alongside the Workspace in Logic, Apogee supports Logic’s “Audio Device controls” feature that lets you control your interface’s most important input controls right from the Mixer in Logic


it's from this review I found:



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another one...


When the track is record enabled, and it is activated, it turns orange. Effectively what is happening is that the audio input is being routed straight to the hardware output set in the channel strip’s output field with no latency. Plug-ins on the record enabled channel strip cannot be monitored this way, but sends to aux’s (with reverb for example) will remain in the signal flow and still arrive at the hardware output. With the buffer induced latency of course; but in the case of reverb sends, this is not really an issue.


There is one “gotcha’” with this new feature, however.


When the channel strip’s output field is not routed directly to a physical output, the “Direct” button will change to yellow to indicate that the input is capable of “Direct Monitoring” but that the output setting is not compatible with that feature. So, this rules out the possibility of using the new direct monitoring feature while a channel strip is routed to any kind of sub group or track stack.



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