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Low Latency Mode required suddenly


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Hi, Until recently I never had to use > Low Latency Mode.


It ia since a week or so that I notice a slight latency when playing my audio instruments.

I don't want to use the Low Latency Mode because it disables some sends and effects.


Any idea how to fix this?

I also like to know what could be the cause of this, maybe my usb hub?



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The Low Latency Mode has nothing to do with your USB hub, it looks only at plug-ins inside Logic that add latency, and removes them from the signal path. If a plug-in adds latency, then there's no two ways around it: either you can have the plug-in and suffer its latency, or you use LLM to remove the plug-in from the path to avoid the latency but you no longer hear the effect of the plug-in, obviously.
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You should be adjusting your buffer size setting to find a compromise between latency (on higher settings) and audio dropouts/crackling (on lower settings) which depends on your particular computer.

Say you record a vocal part and then put a few plugins on the vocal track channel strip to make it sound good. Then you decide to redo a line you haven't sung right but your monitoring is coming back too late in your headphones. That's when low latency mode comes in handy while you redo the part and take it out again afterwards. At least, that's the way I use it anyway.

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