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"Use Musical Grid" Moves Recorded Audio on stop

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I have the latest Logic Pro X and yesterday I updated my system to 10.13.3.

Now if I have "Use Musical Grid" under the Record Menu selected, a very strange thing happens when I record audio and stop without dropping out of record.

If I don't drop out of record and just hit the space bar Logic moves the recording to the right by a random amount and trims a random amount from the front of the audio (it's still there of course)

If I drop out of record then hit stop then Logic does not move the file. Even if "Use Musical Grid" is checked.

At first I thought something had changed with my settings or delay compensation but after spending hours checking all that and also restarting the computer.....also saving this session to another drive (same result) I finally discovered that if I unchecked "Use Musical Grid" then everything is ok. Recheck it and the recording is moved.


Ok it's an easy fix, just drop out of record. But I never used to do that before. I always just hit stop.


I note that there are some new transport function and perhaps this is where this new behavior has come from.

I can now select any selection and pressing play automatically plays from there......yay.....no modifier, just like ProTools!!

Also Shift clicking in the arrange area causes play from there....and even better it automatically returns to there when you hit play again!!! Just like ProTools.

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