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Capture last take issue


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Hi, I've been a Logic user since version 4, where capture last take worked perfectly. I haven't needed it for a long time, but I needed to use it today for MIDI notes I played unarmed. It placed all the notes bunched up together on the first beat of bar 1, instead of according to how they were played (spaced out across several measures).


Is there something that has changed here? I also noticed the key command is now called Capture last recording, instead of take...maybe they changed the name due to take folders...but does it no longer work for MIDI? Thanks.

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Does there seem to be a patten/config/reason why this occurs for some people? Everything else seems to be OK here. I do use an older interface (AMT8) which I've never had a problem with, but it is older, if that is a factor...yet MIDI recording has no issues for me at all, and its timing is good as it always has been. Thanks.
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