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Problem with custom Articulation Sets in Logic Pro 10.4?


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Hi, I am having a problem with the custom articulation sets. I have recently downloaded the Babylon Waves Art Conductor articulation sets which has been great so far, working as expected for the libraries it comes with. However, when I tried to make my own articulation sets for other instruments such as basic Kontakt library instruments and some others they are not working. I followed the steps in this video,



But after setting up all the articulations and key switches the instruments simply do not respond, just staying on one articulation ignoring my selections even though I am able to select the different articulations I have entered from the menu. I know that for all the Spitfire instruments I have to set "Lock to UACC KS" to get it to work but I don't seem to have that option with other instruments that just use key switches. Obviously, I am missing something, can anyone help me out? Thanks!

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