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Missing MIDI notes during playback while using the Heavy+ Producer Kit


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Hi there,


I created a basic Drummer track for a rock song using Benny - Modern Motown playing a Heavy+ Producer Kit. Then I converted it to MIDI region and added a few extra notes, becoming a 3m45s song with 3 tempo changes (103 -> 115 -> 106 -> 118). Nothing too complex though, and the CPU and HD loads are negligible.


I wasn't experiencing any problems during playback until recently. The song doesn't crash, but some of the Crash notes are not being played even though they appear on the score and they produce the expected sound when I click on them.


I/O Buffer Size: 1024

Recording Delay: 0 samples

Processing Threads: Automatic

Process Buffer Range: Large

Multithreading: Playback & Live Tracks

Summing: High Precision (64 bit)


The issue goes away when I swap the Heavy+ Producer Kit for a regular Heavy drum kit. I updated to 10.4 a couple days ago and Logic performs MUCH better except for this issue. I hope you can help me, I've been searching online for a week and I haven't been able to fix this.


Thanks beforehand :)


Edit: I've just found out it may have something to do with adding Toms to the drum line. Still, I don't know how to fix the issue without removing the Toms.

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