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Playing multiple hardware synths in real-time into Logic (via USB hub)?


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I'm using a powered USB hub to enable me to connect multiple hardware synths to my iMac (e.g., Yamaha Montage, Korg Kronos, Access VirusTI, etc.). All of these synths are capable of supporting a digital audio stereo-pair + MIDI data over USB.


However, since audio preferences in Logic are global, and not track-specific, I can only select a single "input device" ( e.g., Montage), and only play and hear one external hardware synth at a time. I like to play multiple synths at the same time (e.g., holding a chord on one synth while playing a lead on another). Do I need to route all of my hardware synths to a single synth (pre-Logic), and only connect that single synth to Logic via USB to avoid constantly switching the input device assignment to a different synth? Or is there a way to hear all USB-connected hardware synths in Logic concurrently?



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Thank you, David and mrcrappypants, for the quick replies! Two of my synths have AUs (Montage and VirusTI) but I'm having trouble getting the Virus plug-in to work properly (beyond the scope of this thread). I'll look into creating an aggregate audio device. Thanks again! Edited by studio460
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Oh, thanks, mrcrappypants! I've tried using it just both as an external audio device via USB (on a regular audio track in Logic), and with Access' AU plug-in, but can get neither to work. Logic "sees" it—plainly registering key notations in the "chord display" (below) when depressing keys on my Polar, but for the life of me, I cannot get any sound out of my connected monitors (Yamaha HS5/M-Audio M-Track 2X2M USB interface).


All of my other USB- and S/PDIF-connected synths work fine in Logic, and everything monitors perfectly well through my HS5/M-Audio monitoring set-up (the M-Audio USB interface is used exclusively just for monitoring, and since it's class-compliant, requires no driver). The Virus is the only USB-connected synth I can't get to make any sounds.




Alternatively, when I try to use the Access AU, I get the "No VirusTI can be found" error message, and even after following the instructions in the error message, the Virus never resets (unless I reboot without holding the "ARP EDIT" key). Note that whenever I plug a USB cable into my Virus, it immediately responds with "USB connected" (also, before connecting to Logic, I went through the process to update my VirusTI Polar's firmware to the current version).



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The Virus is usually very picky about the USB port it is connected to. It is advised not to use hubs and connect it to the computer directly. Although, I've been using it with a non-powered hub for a few years now.


As for multiple synths, use an interface with many inputs. You can use the USB from the synths for MIDI. Then, within Logic either use the External Instrument Plugin to route MIDI and Audio or create an External MIDI track + Audio track to route the synths. These can be saved to the Library for quick access, so you don't have to do this every single time.

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