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Gaps in bounced files? Also a Fader bug?

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Yet another annoying thing to add to my growing list of gripes with this program. Often times I get gaps in my bounces with missing sound! I've tried several hard drives and the only thing I can do to solve this is to restart the system. you can see below a simple vocal bounce out and re-import. The files are identical. Notice the gap? WTF Logic!? Is anyone else having this issue? Any fixes?




There are many fine details in Logic Pro X that annoy the s#*t out of me and I'm wondering if others encounter these same issues that never seem to be addressed in updates. The list is long but just as an example I've attached a screenshot below. Track 79 "Brid Loud", which is bus 87, the fader says -1.6 but the track says -1.5. To make matters worse the fader REFUSES to go to -1.5 even when you enter it manually. It's either 1.4 or 1.6. Why is this simple bug not addressed? It's unprofessional and just downright annoying. I could go on for days about how many stupid things like this mess up my workflow on a daily basis. Just another reason to switch to protools!


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