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MIDI Lane Set Configurability


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I am only able to control my External Hardware Unit with MIDI. To be able to automate this unit, I therefore either have to create automation or use the Step Editor. Step Editor seems to be the best way to have control... if I could


1) Be able to define value ranges for Lanes. My hardware unit responds to MIDI Control, but only a certain value range, e.g 0-20. If I can define the range of the values in the step editor, I can draw / control / edit with much greater ease. This could also apply to MIDI Notes, if I want to set a range of velocities.


2) Import Lane Sets from other Projects / Attach Lane Sets to MIDI Devices. Having defined all the lanes and controls of my MIDI device in one project, I would like to be able to import it to another project to have faster control and quick access.


3) Allow MIDI Control Number to be renamed to the name given to the Lane. This way the rotaries in the mixer overview for midi channels have assigns that are related to the name given to it. For example, instead of selecting 19 - General #4, I can select the lane name I have given to it for my MIDI control - Decay (I realise there is a MIDI Control number 80 for decay), but my unit is different, I want to be able to program / see it how I want.


4) Similarly to 3, being able to rename the controls in automation for external MIDI Devices. Is there anyway to change the names of controls to something other than the standard defined MIDI Control?


I realise I can do all of these things within the Environment, and program everything for complete control, also setting ranges for controls. But this isn't as 'integrated' as having it directly in your arrange view, or automation.

Any hints or advice into tighter integration of External MIDI Devices into projects, without using the environment is appreciated.

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Back in Logic 7, more attention was paid to environment.. Some people were writing really complex environments. Processes to transpose any notes to a particular mode (Aolian, Mixylodian, etc). route different notes to different paths depending on velocity or any parameter. Some of these environments were almost miraculous. They looked like block diagrams for a rocket ship..


Because of the complexity and power of environment, Apple moved away from it, because it took too much man power to deal with it. I recently called, asking about complex environments. I was told "They no longer support it, because of it's complexity".. While I understand this stand from a business point I view.. I feel they should remove or hide it.


I imagine there are a few people still working with it.. It would also be nice if 'MIDI TRANSFORM' could deal with CC events (Does it?, I never checked).. I have desired that also.


Once you get into more esoteric areas, like this, you can expect little from Apple.. Logic was originally very expensive, when Emagic owned it, each virtual instrument, was sold individually and they were the cost of the present Logic itself.. I think we can all agree Logic Pro, gives an incredible amount of power for a cheap price.. Apple recalculated, and lowered the price point, to a 'no brain needed' purchase.. While they really do put effort into it, to keep it contemporary, don't expect them to put a lot of extra work in, because that would require them to raise the price. As it is now, I believe Logic Pro and the Mac Pro kind of at the bottom of their to do list, because of the low profit margin.


Their attention is focused on the next 'I-Gadget' so they can sell millions of units.. It is what it is..


Is there any way you can make use of the MIDI TRANSFORM function, to condition the note values to what you need. I can manipulate note values, by thinking of creating 2, 3 or more Custom commands (which you can save).. I then have to manually apply each command one at a time, but it saves a lot of work.


Logic pro has some similarities to Photoshop now. That is, you can often accomplish something in a few different ways, if you ponder all the possibilities.


Good luck

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