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1Password and Logic Pro kc conflicts


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Hey Gang -


if you are a 1Password user (an app I use all the time and have been a user since v1) hold off on updating to v7. They introduced global key commands and this is a problem for me in Logic. Now, key commands conflict - so when I use the ⌘+\ in Logic - one that I have used forever and use all the time, 1Password now takes over that key command.


Now, I could change the kc - but with so many options in Logic, I doubt I could find one that wouldn’t conflict. Also, years of muscle memory and retraining is a pain.


I have contacted Agile Bits and asked them to give us the option to turn this off. If you are a user too, and want to contact them, here is the link: https://support.1password.com/contact/


Not really a Logic topic, so David you can remove this if you like. But it does effect us logic users, so I thought I would share.


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