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Alchemy Waveshaper delay


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Alchemy's Waveshaper's gain and filter frequency parameters take time to kick in when the first note is played after resuming playback in a Logic project.


To reproduce:

  1. Create an Alchemy instance with one simple oscillator, such as saw wave.
  2. Use an amp envelope with 0% attack, 100% sustain and 0% release to have a consistent signal volume.
  3. Create a Waveshaper instance with 100% mix and adjust the gain and/or filter parameters to cause some heavy processing.
  4. Draw some simple, non-overlapping midi notes.
  5. Press play and pay attention to the difference between the first and the following notes.


Example result:


Project file:


Logic 10.4.1 project file

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  • 4 years later...

I'm assuming based on what I've seen elsewhere on this forum that it's ok to post to old threads. Oddly enough, 4+ years on I think I just encountered this same (possible) bug. Not sure it's exactly the same, but my observation is that several of the Alchemy Waveshaper controls (e.g. pre/post gain and filter) have no effect until you adjust some other parameter, such as the bipolar toggle, or editing the graph, at which point the effects kick in. Assuming this is in fact a bug, it can be pretty confusing if you're making obvious changes to the parameters with no effect and wondering why. In any case, just thought I'd add another data point here in case someone else runs into this and goes looking for information.

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