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Send Midi Clock from Mainstage but thru a midi controller


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Hello and thanks for reading.


I'm trying to send midi clock to an external synth (Microkorg) through a keyboard controller (an Edirol/Roland PCR-500) which is connected to my Macbook Pro running Mainstage. Unfortunately the interface I want to use does not have MIDI. The PCR-500 can send its own clock but that's not what I want, so I have that turned off. I figured it would just forward the clock coming in but it doesn't seem to. Any ideas?

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Yeah sorry, I'm confusing things by working on a few issues at the same time. My solution involved a 2nd Macbook running Ableton Live which receives the MIDI clock and then sends it to the Microkorg. Basically the idea is to skip the keyboard controller completely, by sending to a networked Macbook.
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