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Dedicated Logic keyboard

Big Island

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Hi folks.


I´m looking to buy a dedicated keyboard for my Logic X activities. So far I´ve found two models out there:





Anyone who has used these and can share some thoughts?


Both companies also offer a cheaper skin version of their keyboard, is that a better way to go...?



Thanks in advance for your feedback.



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If you decide to go down the skin route, beware and make sure that the skin offered has a layout that matches your own.


For instance, I have an Apple British 101 key "Magic" keyboard with built in numeric keypad, and I can tell just from looking that the covers offered by the two companies mentioned, would not match my keyboard - different shaped enter key, tilde/backtick key in different place, to name but two differences.


I've seen skins which perport to support British full-sized keyboards and are still wrong. The one company who do offer a skin that's at least close to my layout http://www.logic-cafe.com/lc/index.php/controlskin-xtd-keyboard-cover-for-logic-pro-x unfortuanately seem to have a problem with their online store which has been off-line for a number of weeks, now.

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