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Stock Percussion Kits Separated Into Individual Instruments (Free)

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Logic comes stock with great percussion samples, but they are all combined into complete "kits" like the African, Asian, European, Indian and Middle Eastern, Latin, and Orchestral kits.


I found it time consuming and frustrating to try to access the individual instruments in these kits. For example, if I wanted to play a tabla drum, I'd have to load the Indian and Middle Eastern Kit, and play around the whole keyboard to figure out where the tabla drums are. Oftentimes, discrete instruments like this are combined and interspersed with other instruments in between.


I spent a bunch of time to create a separate EXS24 sampler instrument for each of the instruments included in each of the kits. I also key-mapped all the instruments, so each articulation shows up as a title in the piano roll. Now I can just pull up the instrument I want, open the piano roll, and see exactly what articulations are available without having to load a bunch of other random instruments that just clutter up my workflow.


I figured I'd share this because it took a bunch effort, and I hope that it'll streamline your workflow and inspire you to create music with these instruments. You can just drop these files in your [user]/Music/Audio Music Apps/Sampler Instruments folder. (If you haven't already, you can create a folder called "User" in the Sampler Instruments folder, and then drop these sampler instrument files in there instead. That will display nicely in EXS24.) If your stock sample library is installed in the default location at [HD]/Application Support/Logic/Sampler Instruments, then the instruments should just work. Otherwise, you might have to locate the samples when you load each instrument.


I hope you enjoy! Cheers!

Percussion Kits Individual Instruments.zip

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These are fantastic! So far I've only played with a dozen or so but had to stop and thank you for posting your work. I always want to modify (tuning/envelopes/filter tracking etc...) sample libraries and it is much easier with these large Logic ones isolated into smaller sets. Thanks for mentioning the 'key label' feature, I should start adding that info before saving my own EXS24 instruments, it does help to see the active keys articulations labeled in the piano roll.


I've never enjoyed playing European Tambourines so much. (Love that here you chose to use EXS24's exclusive/mute for all groups except the german). And hey, why don't my break drums sound like that? So musical. Thanks again for sharing your hard work!


Your other 3 sampler submissions are exceptional also.

Logic 10.5.1 | Mojave | retina iMac 4GHz i7 32GB

Logic 10.4.8 | High Sierra | MacMini 2.3GHz, i7 16GB

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