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SCRIPT: MidiFile Export


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Logic MidiFile Export Script ( LogicGenCsv.js)


Due to bugs I found in Logic's midi file export, I have created a little Scripter midi file exporter for anyone interested. See the following forum past about the bug:




This Script will listen to a given channel and log output to the scripter window which is in a format suitable to create a midi file using the csvmidi utility.


Here is the script:




Script: https://gitlab.com/dewdman42/MainstageMidiPlayer/-/blob/master/LogicGenCsv.js


Docs: https://gitlab.com/dewdman42/MainstageMidiPlayer/-/wikis/home



The results are much more accurate then LogicPros midi file export. Additionally I have provided options to export at many different PPQN resolutions. Going to a very large PPQN higher then 960 will result in even more accuracy exporting midi sequences out to midifiles closer to the accuracy they were recorded. Using a value lower then 960 can result in subtle PPQN quantizing which may or may not result in a slightly tighter groove.


Anyway, hopefully Apple may correct midi file export in the future to be both more accurate (higher PPQN as well as bug free from the deltaTime bug I have pointed out here.


Video Demo of the above Script to export midi file found here:


OSX 12.x (Monterey) on OpenCore - Logic Pro 10.7.4, VePro7, Mainstage3 - 5,1 MacPro 3.46ghz x 12 96gb ram

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