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Various Logic Plug-In Settings

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I've had these settings since Logic 5 on a pc. I can't remember where I got them from but I'm now on Logic Studio and they still work just fine. There are presets for various plug-ins seperated by folder. Just drop them into the specific plug-in folders in


user/library/Application Support/Logic/Plug In Settings


Presets for:











Fat EQ


Modulation Delay

Noise gate



Pitch Shifter II

Spectral Gate

Stereo Delay

Tape Delay


And a few others! I hope it comes in handy.

Logic Plug-In Settings.zip

G5 Dual 2.7

Logic Studio

Mackie Onyx BlackJack

Mackie HR824

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Korg MicroKontrol

Love of Electronic Music

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Thanks Nocturnal, some real nice setting's here.


I started at Logic 6, so i haven't heard quite a few of these.

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2.7 GHz iMac Intel Core i5, 16GB RAM, OS 10.9.1, Apogee Duet, Logic 10.0.5


Listen to Bill Hicks!!!

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Just updated to Logic 8... so these really helped to beef out the settings!


Thank you for your work to put this together

G5 2ghz dual 7gig ram, G4 17" lappy - both Osx 10.4.11, FA-66, Mackie Hr824, Logic Studio 8.02, Live 6.05, Reason 2.5 and a G3 Thonk box!
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