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No Sidechain in iZotope Stutter Edit


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So I used to use Stutter Edit fine in Logic Pro years ago, recently purchased Logic Pro X & iZotope's Music bundle with the latest version of Stutter Edit and a bunch of other goodies (BreakTweaker I'm excited about, installed that one but says its a demo when I go to use it in Logic, even though it says its authorized in the iZotope product portal).


Anyway, I installed Stutter Edit, and first I was having a problem getting it to appear in the MIDI Controlled Effects, it was only under the Effects which doesn't help anyone. But I did some digging of my own, uninstalled Stutter Edit, deleted Logic's preferences, rebooted, and BINGO, Stutter Edit was now showing up in MIDI Controlled Effects after installing again. After a week of trying to figure it out, I was SO relieved... However, there is no sidechain in the plugin now! Usually there's a sidechain at the top right, but there is none. I know the plugin works because when i press keys on my keyboard, I see Stutter Edit working. But I can't hear anything because I can't link it to any audio sources without the sidechain...


Someone, please HELP! :( I'm dying of frustration and support hasn't replied in about a week. Im taking a music production course currently and wanted to use it on my current project due tomorrow night, but that doesn't look likely at this point..


Any advice is MUCh appreciated! (And for all those with the MIDI Controller problem, these are the steps I followed:


Before anything, UNINSTALL Stutter Edit...


1. Quit Logic Pro X.

2. In the Finder, choose Go > Go to Folder.

3. Enter ~/Library/Preferences, then click Go.

4. Remove the "com.apple.logic10.plist" file from the Preferences folder.

5. If you upgraded from an earlier version of Logic Pro, also remove the "com.apple.logic.pro" file.

6. Restart your Mac.

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i just installed stutter edit last night, and got it working, it needs to be added as a software instrument with its own midi notes and a sidechain to the audio it's modifying. there's a quick howto for logic when you first open the plug in.


not entirely sure if using it in MIDI FX is where it should be., because you can't get a side chain from the same track in itself, MIDI FX work directly on the track being effected, Stutter Edit needs midi input on its own channel to apply its effects to the side chain source .


heres a you-tube that may help. -

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Yes, it should be loaded as MIDI Controlled FX in a Software Instrument track.


Make sure Advanced Tools is on in Logic's preferences, otherwise you're using Logic in a restricted Garageband type mode without access to the cooler features.


I expect that because you deleted your preference file, Logic has reverted to it's default "Newbie" mode (Advanced Tools off), which is why you don't see the sidechain.

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