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Step Editor Default lane path


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Does anyone know if it is possible to set a default Lane Path in the Step Editor in Logic? When I select my own step lane Logic will use it for the rest of the session, but then when I save and re open the session it goes bak to default 'Automatic'.


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I'd suggest to use a screenset set up for the Step Editor, with the windows and lanes and parameters set how you like - then lock that screenset.


Now, when you want to edit, just go to that screenset instead of manually opening a Step Editor window, and everything will be set as you like.


Save that config into your default startup template and it will always be there.

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Step *Editor* though, not Step Sequencer, which I think David's assuming.

Aren't they the same thing? :shock: :mrgreen:


@nosnibormada sorry I'm just kidding they're obviously not the same and I did misread your original post thinking you were talking about the new 10.5 Step Sequencer. Please disregard my previous answer.

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