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Exporting comps and System Clipboard


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I frequently use ⇧⌥+ N to copy/paste region names, adding a number to quickly sequencially order BV comps before exporting.


I've recently noticed that when invoking 'Export Existing Comp to New Track', the region name in Clipboard is replaced by SMPTE information.

A little concerning, since Clipboard (to my knowledge) should not be accessible by any app. Correct me if I'm wrong.


Could someone check to see if it's just something my system is throwing up, or whether it's something I need to look at?


  • – Invoke Clipboard (⌃⌥⌘+C). it will remain open, but disappear when in LPX.
    – Select and copy the name of a region. (⇧⌥+ N, copy)
    – Check Clipboard; it should reflect the copied name.
    – Export a take from a take folder.
    – Check Clipboard again. At this point my Clipboard has been hijacked by SMPTE info.


The only recent install I've made is Slate Digital's All Access bundle.

The only warnings I've had of late refer to the effects section of EastWest's Play6 (developer: Ohmicide).

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I haven't checked (I'll give it a go shortly), but if that is the case, it would seem to be undesirable behaviour and should probably be reported.


An app of course can place anything it likes on the system clipboard - that's what it's there for.


In the meantime, if this clipboard issue is causing a problem for your workflow, you might want to investigate using a more flexible clipboard system with a history, or multiple clipboards. There are many tools for this, for for some folks it's overkill, but for others it becomes a vital tool they could no longer live without. It's pretty essential for me and I use it a lot, with my tool of choice.



– Invoke Clipboard (⌃⌥⌘+C). it will remain open, but disappear when in LPX.


I don't understand this - are you not talking about the system clipboard, but perhaps some third-party utility? This key command does nothing on my system. Or perhaps this is a Catalina thing? I'm not sure, but I can't follow your instructions from the list supplied, unless I'm missing something obvious...

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Correct me if I'm wrong.

I think you are wrong. The clipboard is accessible to any application, as you can actively cut/copy/paste in any app, across documents and usually also across apps. Also, you can have apps write/read/ to/from the clipboard on their own or due to certain user actions other than cmd-X/C/V.

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Thanks guys - troops have been withdrawn.


Christian – I stand suitably corrected, sir. :wink: . It always raises my antennae seeing unexpected data in Clipboard as it's a prime target for malware. Still a little confused as to why logic specifically needs to paste SMPTE info into ClipBoard for an action included in Undo history. (He asks).


Des – the multi-Clipboard is a cool idea. I'll check into that. Recommendations most welcome. Such a time saver. The less mice the better! The Clipboard shortcut is a custom one I made way back.. I'd forgotten. My bad ... :oops:

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As to the behaviour, it might be an intentional little feature someone asked for, or it might be an undesirable bug. It's probably worth reporting.


As to clipboard managers, there are many, but I use them as a feature of other tools I rely on. Keyboard Maestro has a full featured one, and KM is really useful for many things, but I don't run it all the time. What I *do* run all the time, and is absolutely essential to me, and the first thing I install on any Mac, is Launchbar, and I use the clipboard history tools in that all the time.

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Thanks Des... Just downloaded a free trial fro LM, and Launchbar 6. Will try these out later - many thanks for the pointer! Yes, I think I'll report it anyhow... in case. I run clean, tight ship, but even legit plugins come loaded with all kinds and Social Media junk and other detritus! I'm not an IT guy, but if I were a dodgy dev looking for a piggy-back ride, they sound like pretty good options. It's all about having a stable machine to run on. Had a few weird surprises since (finally) updating to Mojave.
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