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Simultaneous control of multiple plugins


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Hi all


I'm curious whether it's possible to control multiple plugins on different channels at the same time with the use of a controller


eg compressor in plugin slot 1 on channel 1 and slot 1 on channel 2. Can you control the threshold on both channel at the same time in the way you can control the volume or the pan on both channels at the same time?


I use an Avid Artist Mix. I'd love to be able to do this but use would be limited. I'm more interested in regards to the Avid S6. If you're not able to do so, are the 8 pots on every channel completely superfluous in Logic?


As an example - you might have 2 guitars playing the same thing panned left and right and you want to adjust the threshold on both or the hi shelf gain on both...


Thanks all



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There's no straightforward way to do it unfortunately.


If you put the channel strips inside a summing stack then you can map a Smart Controls to the multiple parameters on the subtracks.


Otherwise, in the MIDI Environment, cable one channel strip into the other, probably through a Transformer to filter out everything you do not want to be grouped.

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I have no idea what features the Artist Mix supports, you'd need to consult it's documentation.


it's possible to do most things but whether it's simple to set up enough to bother with is another thing. Can you set up a MIDI controller to control the third mod envelopes decay stage on track 42, and another knob to control track 69's compressor release on the third insert - yes.


For something like this, it's easiest probably just to manually controller assign or MIDI learn some knobs to those dedicated parameters, rather than trying to target them with a control surface - but you'll need the option to flip your control surface to a MIDI mode, or at least a User mode and make manual assignments - again, I have no idea with your Artist supports.


You could also target one parameter with your control surface's normal way of plugin editing, and use something like Quick Access Automation to do the other one via your mod wheel or another MIDI control, perhaps.


In your example, I'd just bus the two guitars to a guitar bus, and put one comp/EQ on it and just control that one parameter that would affect both tracks - far simpler...

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