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Emails of notifications suddenly flooding in

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For the past few days I’ve been getting a lot of emails from logicprohelp notifying me of any new topic being posted. Didn’t change anything in my account. I used to just get notified if someone responded to a post I made.

I got into my account (like an hour ago) and, I think, shut off all notifications except “private message”. Also, I marked dozens of messages as “read”.

I guess I’ll see in a little bit if it stops - but, was this the thing to do?

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Check in the Board Preferences menu, then on the side 'Edit Notification options'. That's where the email options live.



I imagine you've accidentally subscribed to one of the main forums.


When you browse a sub forum there's a 'subscribe' button at the top, if you subscribe AND have the 'Someone creates a topic in a forum to which you are subscribed' option ticked in Board preferences screen then you will get lots of emails.


You can see which forums you're following here:-


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I’ve managed to stop the influx of email notifications. Don’t know how I accidentally subscribed to the Logic forum, but it’s leaving me alone now. Going to look closer at that second area you cited. Glad to see you responded to this post, so I could see if I got a notification about a response - which I didn’t.

Tanks, Skijumptoes !

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