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Only 8 rows in Step Sequencer

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Why does the step sequencer create only 8 rows when using 3rd party plugins?

This is especially an issue when using drum plugins like Battery etc.

It's also a drag when you wanna do a melody that spans multiple octaves.

Is there a quick way to add more rows or set it up so it automatically creates a midi region with more rows?



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You can:

• add rows by clicking the + button at the top of the row headers,

• open the Pattern Browser and choose for example Templates > Chromatic - 3 Oct,

• save your own templates in the browser,

• click the + button and choose Learn mode then play notes on your MIDI keyboard or using the Musical Typing Window.



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Hi David.


I tried the Template suggestion, chromatic 2 Octaves. The problem is that now the steps are backward.

Meaning that The last step on the bottom is C1, and the first step on the top is C3.

Can this be flipped?

No. However you can drag lanes around in whatever order you wish then save your own template (from the action wheel menu in the template inspector).

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