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10.5 DMD - Choke / Polyphony between pads?


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Hello, and hope everyone had a good weekend.


So I drag multiple, disparate samples to an empty instance of DMD, but as DMD houses a different plug-in for each pad instance (in thes example, Q-Sampler), I can't figure out how to set DMD up in any kind of monophonic manner, where each pad in DMD will cut off any other.


Am I missing something obvious?


Thanks in advance.

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You mean hi hat mode? I did this recently (for hi hats strangely enough) but I am far away from Logic at the moment and can't recall the exact steps I used. IIRC you assign the pads in question to an exclusive group. Right click a pad and see if you get the option to assign it to an exclusive group. Any pad assigned to a group will cut off any other pad in the same group. Sorry that my old mans brain can't recall the exact details but I will check it out as soon as I get back to Logic and update this post if necessary.


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I guess what if really like to see is a simple solution, like that found inside Quick Sampler, that allows you to choose an overall polyphony for all pads across DMD. Choke groups are nice, but time consuming. I just want to set an overall “mono” status to a single DMD instance. One pad cuts off the last. That’s it.


Thanks for responding, Alan.

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In DMD there is a setting on each cell called exclusion group or something like that. Set all the cells to the same exclusion group and you'll get the behavior you're seeking.


Thanks yes i definitely saw that, but it seems a big pain in the ass, when the actual sampler instruments have a simple, one-tick polyphony setting drop down menu.


Oh well.


Hey thanks for the reply.

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unfortunately DMD is not a single instrument its just a special type of track stack that groups together separate instances of samplers or other plugins. There is a way to setup the DMD grid to all reference one single instrument. If you do that, then you can control those kinds of things inside that singular instrument if the instrument supports it.


There is a thread already about how to setup a DMD cell grid that references a single instrument.



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