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Insert a silence step in MIDI-In mode


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Hi there,


Pretty self explanatory but still here is what I'm trying to achieve: I'm using the MIDI in feature quite a lot when creating hooks, leads, as I'm a quite poor pianist (and work with 16th at 140bpm lol), so I usually loop a section and add notes using the "midi in" feature in the piano roll. Works quite well, but I can't find a way to bypass a step when editing, and have not been able to find anywhere a shortcut for that, apart from writing a note and manually deleting it afterward. In the step editor it's easy as the space bar is the way but I'm using MIDI keyboard here, so it's a different approach.


Has anyone found a way for this ? Should I try and switch to the step editor instead ?


Thanks !

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Thanks for your answers, in step input keyboard (alt-cmd-k), it's true I can use arrows and space bar.


Not when using musical typing editor (cmd-k) with Midi in activated that I use to do to input notes with my MIDI controller, in that case the playhead moves on at each note and I have no control on its position whatsoever.


Not in front of my stuff now, I need to check if I can use both computer keyboard AND midi controller in step input mode, which would solve my issue.

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