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Aux tracks use memory in the arrangement?

Danny Wyatt

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Would anyone know if for example I create tracks for 30 auxs, would that influence the CPU usage, compared to just leaving them in the mixer?

I'm wondering if I should start converting all my auxs to tracks so I can order them the way I want in the mixer, but I don't want that to slow Logic's performance down...

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I don't think that would slow down the performance in any noticeable way, other than graphically rendering 30 more tracks whenever you open a screenset with the Tracks view visible.


Thanks David. For some reason I didn't get a notification for this reply.

I'm thinking of creating a folder and put all my auxs there so I can reorder them in the mixer, but not letting them be visible in the arrangement window.

I really wish Apple would make this a feature. It's been years...

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