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Novation SL mkiii VS Arturia Keylab mkii... or does something else beat them?


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Im needing to get a proper controller for my setup now that Ive updated to 10.5. Leaning heavily toward the Novation SL. Does anyone here have experience with these and logic 10.5?


I'll be integrating with hardware: synths, Elektron RYTM (tho that may end up used less and DMD more) and probably getting back into modular a bit, as well as finally leaning into the world of soft synths...


Which controller is best suited for Logic? I'll probably want to stick with something with pads, unless a certain controller lacks them but really outshines otherwise. I definitely need ease of mapping and templates.



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Nektar Panorama and Impact series controllers are 100% premapped to Logic.


The biggest advantage of the Novation is the CV channels (for non-MIDI hardware) and onboard step sequencer. Nektar and Arturia don't have those.


Nice. I hadnt come across those. And yeah, Im not sure if the sequencer is a selling point for me or not. It seems more limited than Id want. Will decide between keeping my Deluge or, if it can compare, switch to logic's step sequencer.. I havent been able to find much info on its abilities to control hardware.



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The recent firmware update for my 49SLMkIII added lots of sequencer features. Too many for me to use at this point. The "incontrol" implementation with LPX is a little funky, but seems to do the job. I don't actually use that feature much. Nice feel to the unit, imho.
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