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Isolating delay from source w.o soloing


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I only want to hear back the delay of a software instrument and I'm wondering how to do this without having to solo the delay aux track. I do not want to hear the source, in this case the organ.


When I mute the original organ track, it's delay won't play, and I don't want to be restricted to having to Solo every track I want to hear in the project.. I'm sure there are ways around this that aren't coming to me!


Thank you


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I'm guessing that bus 19 is all your instruments (according to how you named it). If so, then add the Delay as an insert on the organ channel strip, make it 0% dry and adjust the Wet to taste. Then remove the send 18 from the track.

Hopefully this is what you want to achieve, not really 100% sure I understood what you need, but...


Another alternative, if Aux 18 is not being shared with other instruments, just remove the Organ's output (that is now going to bus 19, so it becomes No Output) then go to the Aux 18 and make its output so it goes to aux 19.

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