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2/2 (Cut Time) in LPX


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Hello Friends


I'm using Logic 10.5.1 and I'm experiencing some difficulty with trying to set up 2/2 time. When I do, the metronome is only clicking on bar or the division. I can't get it to click on the beat. On top of that, once I set it to 2/2 time, the tempo I pick isn't interpreted properly. I want 2/2 time, 80bpm. I want to hear half notes clicking at 80. Instead it is clicking half notes at 40bpm? Literally half of what I need it to be. Is this a bug? Am I doing something incorrect or perhaps missing something very obvious?


This is an arrangement for a live band. It will be put to paper for performance purposes. I want the players to read it as 2/2 time, not a fast 4/4. It will be much easier to read that way.


Thanks for your help!

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LPX is behaving correctly based on your choices.

In 2/2 time you will have 2 half notes in the bar. At 80bpm, each note takes 40.

Also, an unedited LPX Metronome setting will give a one Bar / one Beat Click in 2/2 - one metronome click per half note.

You need 160bpm If you want 80bpm per half note in 2/2.

To get two clicks per half note you need to set Division at 4 and turn on Division in Metronome settings: File>Project Settings>Metronome



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Thank you so much for the clarification. In continuing my project I did notice that everything was notated correctly in the score so I did just bump it to 160 but it wasn't making sense to me. I was thinking 2/2, half note gets the beat, therefore half note equals 80. I've done this sort of thing in the past, I think it's me coming from the notation programs like Sibelius/Finale and migrating my writing process over to LPX. In the notation software tempo is linked to whatever note is getting the beat. 4/4 @120 your quarter note is 120, 2/2 @ 120 your half note is 120, etc. Now that you've explained it though, I get it. So, thank you!
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