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confused by Melodyne with Logic - please help

D.D. Jackson

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I've typically used Melodyne by exporting audio files outside of Logic, tweaking, then re-importing. For a new project, however, I went ahead and inserted it as the first plug-in on an actual Logic track; transferred the audio into Melodyne, then tweaked. Now I'd simply like to permanently bounce the dry, tweaked audio I get when I open the Melodyne plug-in and double-click in the Melodyne window's timeline to play. However, when I mute all plug-ins that are after Melodyne in the signal chain on that Logic track and try bouncing in place, no matter what I do, I still hear the muted plug-in's (including things like my reverb send, compression, etc.) when I play back the Logic track, and when I bounce. I am thoroughly perplexed since they are definitely muted; I transferred the material to Melodyne with them muted; and when I edited in the Melodyne plugin window I didn't hear them. What gives? How do I simply bounce the "dry" tweaked vocals I hear from within the Melodyne plugin inserted in Logic?


Thanks for any help!

- D.D.

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Just to add to the above: I even tried deleting Melodyne so there are NO instances playing back in my entire session. Yet so long as the other plugins are still inserted on the channel strip (or even copied to a new channel strip, again WITHOUT Melodyne), I still hear the tweaked Melodyne vocal PLUS the effects! This is very bizarre. I welcome any help at this point (!)
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...love to help, but I can't follow the description/logic of your workflow, too many if-then-else branches. Try the workflow without any additional plugins on the channel. If that works as expected, then add the additional Fx, and confirm getting the response expected. If not trouble shoot from there...hth.../s~
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I see what you're doing; I do pretty much the same thing.


- melodyne in first slot

- transfer audio

- make changes in melodyne with EQs/comps inserted after melodyne

- bypass all inserted plugins apart from melodyne

- select region

- ctrl-b to bounce-in-place

- select new track

- bounced audio


If that's your workflow and you can still hear the insert plugins (EQs etc..) affecting the sound in your solo'd bounced-in-place file, check your routing. is that channel routed to a summing stack with a similar effect chain? You could double check what's going to be bounced by soloing the melodyned track with all the effects disabled.


Does any of that sound familiar?

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