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MOTU Ultralite Mk3 disconnecting / disappearing


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Hi guys! I've read through some posts here and seen a lot of people having issues with the MOTU Ultralite mk3 in various forms, but can't seem to find anyone replicating what I have going on here, so sorry if this is a duplication of anyone else's issue.


I've had my Mk3 for probably close to 10 years now, with little to complain about; it's seen me through three different machines to date. Over the past six months or so however it has occasionally dropped connection mid-session, prompting the old "Initialising Audio" routine. Since the Logic 10.5 / .1 update however the MOTU seems to have become wildly unreliable - for the past two weeks I've had to restart my computer fully every time I want to start a day's work otherwise it won't be recognised as an audio device; leading to today where I cannot get it to recognise at all, restarting the laptop, the MOTU, unplugging and reconnecting etc. If it does work, it will be for a few seconds before there is a pop and we're "Initialising Audio" again back to System Audio. The other day in fact my computer found itself in a continuous loop of finding and losing the device every 15 seconds or so, as soon as it had finished initialising one audio device it was losing its mind over the next.


My drivers are up to date, and I'm running the latest version of Logic, on Mojave - 10.14.6. Macbook Pro Early 2015.

I have tried a different USB cable to connect also, which resulted in no connection still.


Is anyone else having issues with similar kit? Or able to offer suggestions? I'm really hoping it's not just the MOTU giving up after 10 years.


Thank you!

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