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Note toggle/alternation script needed


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Here is another challange for a latency-free (real time e-drum) script:


Incoming note 36 shall alternate between output 36 and 35.


incoming note 36 ---> output note 36, after then incoming note 36 ---> output note 35, after then incoming note 36 ---> output note 36 again, after then incoming note 36 ---> output note 35 again, and so on...

All other midi events should run through unaffected.


Thanks in advance!

I'll donate for a helping hand!

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I think it just has to be the "Note Stepper" from the Scripter. But how can I set it in order to only affect note number 36? (all other notes and events should be unaffected). Every note will step using the "Note Stepper" default script. So can you please give a hint how to modify the script?
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I won't have time to look at this today...if I get a few minutes I will.... You might try asking the forum about modifying the factory script, that should be pretty straightforward if you are confident it already does what you want but you only want it to happen for notes coming in on pitch 36, then can simply add the following code to the top of the HandleMIDI function


if(event.pitch != 36) {

OSX 12.x (Monterey) on OpenCore - Logic Pro 10.7.4, VePro7, Mainstage3 - 5,1 MacPro 3.46ghz x 12 96gb ram

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