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Fastest link for Orchestral Library on SSD & 2015 MBP

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I am wanting to run an orchestral library off a SSD to my 2015 MacBook Pro.

Now I have a free Thunderbolt 2 port and also a USB 3.0

A little digging led me to the conclusion that although TB2 is theoretically faster than USB 3.0 (20Gbps c.f. 5 Gbps) or I guess roughly in MBps that's going to be 2.5GBps (TB2) c.f. ~625MBps (USB3.0), the transfer speed may be limited (bottleneck) by the drive speed itself (probably around 550MBps.


Is this the correct conclusion? and if so, is there any point in trying to get a TB2 link working given that there seem to be no TB2 SSD's out there (that I can find) and the alternative might be trying to cobble together a TB3 Drive-Dock-TB3/2 Adapter link to connect to the MBP anyway. Is it just easier to use USB3.0 to a compatible SSD.


Whats the fastest way to arrange things on my machine? And also what's the most cost effective solution?


I welcome your advice.

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