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group editing not working on channels in multiple groups


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I've created groups for my drum tracks:


Group 1- all drum tracks. Editing (Selection) and Quantize-Locked (Audio)

Group 2- overhead mics. Automation Mode, Volume and Mute

Group 3- room mics. Automation Mode, Volume and Mute


When I swipe comp, the kick, snare and tom mics are all edited, but the overhead and room mics are not. I'm assuming this is an issue with them being in more than one group, but if there's some way to allow them to be in two groups and still be comped with the rest of the tracks, I'd love to know how.


I know I can just set the overhead and room channels' outputs to aux channels and control them from one fader that way, but I always like to avoid adding channels to my mixer if I can.

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