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Hi all :)

This has maybe already been asked here before, but i'll give it a try ;)

1. Ok, I create a Instrument channel, and insert a vps Avenger, pick a arpeggio.

2. I create a new instrument channel, and want to record the midi notes from Avenger (the arpeggio). But I can't get it to work, even when i create a IAC-Driver and select the external


Iv'e read that UA plugins don't work with midi outputs/inputs, and think this have been an issue for a decade now :), have no one, even apple come up with solution???

I remember with the early logic( before apple took over from emagic, and several years after) you could route it in environment and create your own work flow and do that I want to do now.

If anyone here knows a Hack" or how to do it, Please share it !! Without changing Daw ;)


I have all the Native Instrument if there a solution there!


Maybe there's a plugin that captures the midi somehow, and not midi fx, that i know works.


Or maybe someone knows how to extract the arp from VPS Avenger in some way ;).


Let's Create Something Awesome!

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Audio unit plaugins can't output MIDI directly to Logic. If Avenger has the option, inside the plugin, to choose to route it's MIDI arpeggiated notes directly to a virtual MIDI port, then you can do it.


But if it doesn't have that option, you can't do it, the arpeggiator remains internal to the synth, and if you need to use an arpeggiator externally, use Logic's (or some other third-party MIDI plugin instead).

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If you're planning to use external hardware to produce your sound, you need to take careful notes of all the settings and keep them, say in a "Note" associated with your project. You can't rely on "SysEx" ("system exclusive") MIDI-messages to capture all or any of that.


You should also manually verify that your synth, when sent back the MIDI-message stream that you first recorded, does, in fact, reproduce the sound that you heard, and that Logic's audio-recording capture matches it. Be sure.

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It's actually not that common for *any* synth (hardware or software) to output notes generated internally by their arpeggiators to their MIDI outs...

I've seen it done in Cubase! I've done it in pro tools. To bad It can't be done in logic :(


Yes, VST-format plugins can output MIDI (*if* the plugin and host supports it).


I said it wasn't "common", not that it wasn't *possible*, for hardware or software synthesizers to output their arpeggiated notes externally.


And it *can* be done in Logic, *if* the plugin supports it (by outputting MIDI notes to a virtual MIDI or IAC port chosen in the plugin) - but not many do (see above.)

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The AU2 spec does not include support for outputting midi from AUinst plugins. However, because of the way the callback Api works, if an AU developer outputs midi in an AU plugin, and if the host knows to look for it, then it can be done! But LogicPro strictly adheres to its own AU2 spec and does not look for midi output from and AU2inst plugin. Many AU2inst plugins also do not bother to output midi because of the AU2 specification. But occasionally there is a plugin that was written for both VST and AU2 using common code and in some hosts they will be able to pickup the midi from the AU2 plugin. BlueCatAudio Patchworks, for example, as a plugin host will see that midi from AU plugins that output midi!. But if the host supports VST and there is a VST version of the plugin, you're better off just using the VST version of the plugin if you want the midi out. LogicPro unfortunately does not support VST nor midi out from AUinst plugins.


Now if you really want to use the Avenger arpeggiator to drive other synths, what you can do is using something like BlueCatAudio Patchworks, or PlogueBidule (or my favorite free one, Kushview Element), to subhost the VST version of Avenger, and the midi out can then be sent to either another plugin inside the sub-hoster...




or... in PlogueBidule you can route midi directly to IAC, then you will see the midi appear back at the front of LogicPro in order to record to a track or route to another instrument. (Beware of midi feedback loop though, its easy to do but can be prevented with attention to detail).




Unfortunately PlogueBidule is not free like Kushview Element.

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